Lenten Prayer: Week 3, Day 2

“So is a church – to move the Old Testament writer into our world – the best place to pray? In truth, there is something special about a church as a place to pray. Quite simply, when a building or a place is dedicated to a particular purpose, it takes on unique qualities of that purpose… not only has the altar been dedicated to the purpose of prayer and holy adoration, it has taken on the hallowedness of the many prayers that have been offered there. I confess I am somewhat mystical about this; a place where many have prayed has an aura of its own.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas – “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Have you ever had an experience of praying in a place that just ‘felt’ like a holy place? Remember back to that place and time. As you pray today recognize that the same God who met you there is available to you now right where you are and give God thanks for that.

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