Lenten Prayer: Week 4, Day 3

“In this matter of petitioning God by specific names, I confess a simple faith, but one that is significant enough to me that I dare to recommend it to you. As I go about each day, numbers of persons come to mind. Some names appear logically – I see the person on the street, or hear form them by letter or e-mail. But some seem to come out of the proverbial blue. I take each such name as a gift from the Holy Spirit, and ask God’s blessing on the person. If I know something of the person’s circumstances, I speak to God from the particulars of my knowledge; otherwise, I simply recite the name prayerfully… I reason that perhaps it is the Spirit of God that has brought this person to mind, and that by my prayer I may help bring God’s will to pass in that person’s life.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Has a certain person come to mind today, “out of the proverbial blue”? If so, simply pray for that person now. If not, take time to listen to the Lord for a name and pray for the one to whom God has directed you.

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