Lenten Prayer: Week 5, Day 4

“Repentance is crucial not only for our relationship with another; it is an equally crucial quality in a person’s relationship with his or her own soul. Dean W. R. Inge, a theologian who was also a pungent observer of the human scene, once said, “Prayer gives a [person] the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself.” Repentance is key to the knowing of ourselves. We’ll never get very deep into self-knowing without feeling the need to repent, to be sorry – before God, before those closest to us, perhaps even to the human race as a whole.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: As you pray a prayer of repentance before God, who comes to mind? As we are “sorry before God”, are there others who we become aware of that we need to be sorry before, “those closest to us, perhaps even to the human race as a whole”? If it happens that God leads you to a particular person to whom you need to be sorry before, make it a point today to repent before that person as well.

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