Lenten Prayer: Week 2, Day 1

“I take some strange comfort in Bonhoeffer’s saying that we “are inclined to pray too hurriedly.” Then it is not simply our speed-ridden, computer-driven, instant-satisfaction culture that can’t find time to pray, or that seeks quick-fix spirituality; Bonhoeffer dealt with the same problem sixty or seventy years ago. And come to think of it, perhaps the saintliest souls of twenty-five or thirty centuries ago recognized the same human tendency” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas – “Longing to Pray”

One cure for hurried prayer we find in the Psalms is repetition. Praying the same words again and again until they aren’t just said and thought; they are felt and lived.

Prayer prompt: Pray Psalm 136 until you know, “His love endures forever”.

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