Lenten Prayer: Week 6, Day 3

“I am sometimes uncomfortable when I hear the psalmist speaking so assuredly of his own merit. Some would reply that I was probably raised on a good deal of self-condemnation. Perhaps, though I doubt that it was excessive. Then, too, it may be that the psalmists were, in the particular instances of self-appraisal, being necessarily defensive. There are times when we ought to speak a good word for ourselves. Indeed, sometimes we attack ourselves with a virulence that would cause us to rise up in wrath if the same words were spoken by another. So let’s say a cautiously good word for the psalmists in their readiness to speak well of themselves. I say “cautiously good” because you and I belong to a culture that is so intent on nurturing delicate egos that we’re generally more in need of recognizing our sins than of boasting of our virtues. No matter; we ought above all to be honest with God, and in those instances where we have gained ground in the pursuit of righteousness or where this time we have done good where at other times we’ve done bad, let us be honest in accepting the goodness, and be thankful.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: As you enter into prayer today consider where you have, “gained ground in the pursuit of righteousness”. If you can’t see it for yourself ask God to show it to you. After you see it, give God thanks for that ground that has been gained through the power of the Holy Spirit active in you.

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