Jesus said that “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” We believe that’s true – that what you do with your money will have a profound impact on the shape of your life. And so, when you make a gift to the church, not only are you supporting the many life-changing ministries of FUMC Navasota but we believe you are also making an investment in your own spiritual growth.

Two ways to give

Church: Make a gift via cash or check made out to FUMC Navasota and turn it in on Sunday or mail to 616 Holland Street, Navasota TX 77868.

Online: For online giving by credit or debit card click here. Our online giving is administered by Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) and this link allows for either one time gifts, or you can set up recurring gifts as part of your continued offering to the church.

Thank you for your commitment to stewardship in support of the church.